Clydesdale Constituency MSP Aileen Campbell marked Breathing Space Day by attending the Carluke offices of the Lanarkshire Association for Mental Health (LAMH).

Aileen Campbell joined members of the local business community to find out more about LAMH’s services and Breathing Space Day, which is an annual event that encourages people to take a breather and do something positive for their own mental wellbeing.

Lanarkshire Association for Mental Health is a local charitable company that was formed in 1983 to serve as a focus for the involvement of and development of services for people who experience mental health problems in the Lanarkshire community.

Aileen commented:

"I was delighted to support Breathing Space Day by attending LAMH’s offices in Carluke.

"Breathing Space Day provides an annual reminder that it can be easy to forget to look after your own mental health, and by simply taking some time out to relax we can help bring anxiety and stress down to manageable levels.

"The LAMH is a great charity which do so much work in the area and provide an extraordinarily wide range of community based support services to help those who experience mental health problems."

Huge Cairns of LAMH Carluke said:

"We undertake a wide range of work in the region and have supported over 450 people to maintain their own tenancies, over 150 people have used our out of hours crisis support and we have supported over 150 people in looking for employment.

"We also provide training services in accredited mental health first aid training to various businesses, charities and individuals.

"This is a vital resource to aid in the fight against discrimination of people with mental ill health and helps to improve the understanding of the general public and dispel myths surrounding mental illness."



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