Encouraging football at all levels                                          (Scottish Government photo)


There are further moves to get rid of 'No ball games' signs across Scotland and instead encourage children to play outdoors on the green spaces.

Removal of the signs was suggested by the Scottish Government in 2013, and as the Children's Minister at the time I said we must change the culture of the perception of children as a problem in public spaces, characterised by these 'No ball games' signs, and encourage youngsters to get outside.

Some councils are taking action, and now my colleague Ruth Maguire has called on councils to tear down ‘No Ball Games’ signs across Scotland.

Ms Maguire has pointed to the need to improve childhood mental and physical health, allowing children to enjoy public greenspaces by playing their favourite sports and games and being more active.

“It’s really sad to see a no ball games sign particularly on a piece of pristine grass perfect for playing on – no ball games, no play, no fun," she said. "It’s time we changed our approach and started encouraging our children to use the greenspace we have rather than cordoning it off and preventing them from having fun."




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