SNP MSP for Clydesdale Aileen Campbell has commented following the joint Summer Youth Surgery (held 20th July) with MSYPs Kyle Slater and Reece Harding, calling the surgery asuccess. Agreement was made that future youth surgeries will be held to continue this engagement.

The surgery was held at Knightly Gaming in Lanark, a shop/hub offering a range of opportunities to socialise, try out games, compete, and meet new people in a welcoming and fun environment for young people.

Commenting after the surgery, Ms Campbell said:

“Events such as this offer the opportunity to engage directly with young people in Clydesdale, and I am always pleased to hear their thoughts and views. I look forward to continuing to work alongside and Kyle and Reece to do all we can for young people in this constituency.

“I would like to particularly thank Knightly Gaming for hosting us, and for the brilliant work that they do in providing a highly welcoming, fun and entertaining hub for young people.”

Reece Harding said:

"I believe these surgeries are extremely important in order to hear the views of young people especially with Clydesdale being a rural constituency with poor transport links in certain areas. I think it’s also important to note that this provides a unique opportunity for young people to engage with their MSP and MSYPs about issues that face them.

I look forward to working with Aileen and her team to better serve the young people of Clydesdale"

Kyle Slater said:

"Opportunities like this are vital in empowering and valuing our young people's views, it gives them the chance to have their voices heard. I would like to extend a huge thank you for Knightly Gaming for their hospitality, as well as to Aileen for working together with us to create this event. I look forward to working with Aileen in the future to better enable young people's voices to be heard."

SNP MSP for Clydesdale Aileen Campbell has welcomed news that the national Post Office network is in discussion with the operator of Carstairs Post Office to receive refurbish the branch and extend its opening hours.

The discussions are part of a programme of investment in the Post Office network, modernising branches and making them more convenient for both the operator and customer.

Once plans have been finalised, it is expected the Carstairs branch will open for longer, from Monday to Sunday, 7am to 10pm. Customers will still be able to get most Post Office products and services after the changes are made. Services will also be offered from a low-screened, open plan style service point, integrated into the retail counter.

To get the new branch ready, it may need to close for 7 days in September/October for the refurbishment work.

Commenting, Ms Campbell said:

“This improved service represents good news and a vote of confidence in Carstairs.  The Post Office is at the centre of many towns and villages, particularly in rural Clydesdale where the services they offer are vital to the people who live here.”

SNP MSP for Clydesdale Aileen Campbell is calling on David Mundell to oppose the UK Tory government’s attempts to use the EU Repeal Bill to strip Holyrood of powers.


The Scottish Tories need to distance themselves from the Bill which represents a naked power-grab, an attack on the founding principles of devolution, and which could destabilise our economy. 
Ms Campbell said:

“Twenty years on since the referendum on devolution in Scotland, and the Tories are attempting an attack on the founding principles of devolution under the guise of the EU Repeal Bill.

“The SNP wants a smooth transition as much as the UK government, however this should be achieved through negotiation, not imposition. And it must be achieved in a way that respects Scotland’s hard-won devolved powers.
“I call on Mr Mundell and the Tories in Scotland to challenge any attempts at a naked power-grab on the devolved administrations by the Tories in Westminster during the withdrawal process from the EU, and to make clear their opposition to this Bill which sets out to undermine our national parliament.”

New GDP figures show that Scotland’s economy has grown 0.8% in the first quarter of 2017, four times the UK growth rate for the same quarter.

Production grew by 3.1%, accounting for most of the growth in Scotland, and the services industry grew by 0.3%.

Since 2007, productivity in Scotland – the key driver of economic performance  -  has grown by more than 7%. In the UK as a whole productivity growth has been close to zero (0.4%). 

Commenting on the latest GDP figures, SNP MSP Aileen Campbell for Clydesdale said:

“We are seeing an improving picture across Scotland – the economy is growing, the number of people in employment is rising and unemployment is at historic lows.

“Clydesdale has lots to be confident about. The SNP Scottish Government’s £6 billion infrastructure plan, £500 million Scottish Growth Scheme and record investment in Modern Apprenticeships and education will continue to support the South Lanarkshire economy.

“However Brexit, and being removed from the world’s largest single market, poses the biggest threat to this progress and Scotland’s economy. A blind crusade towards a hard Brexit cliff edge could cost our economy around £11 billion a year by 2030 and result in 80,000 fewer jobs, and the fall in Sterling since the referendum is already pushing up prices and squeezing household incomes. This, accompanied by relentless Tory austerity, means we cannot be complacent.

“The SNP has a plan to grow our economy and we will continue to work hard to support it through difficult times ahead - determined to remain an open, European nation inside the world’s largest single market.”

SNP MSP for Clydesdale Aileen Campbell has today (Wednesday 28th June) officially re-opened the Kudos Café in Carluke.

The café, run by Scottish Autism, has been open for 12 years but recently closed for a refurbishment. The re-opening event involved the Director of Austim Services, Jackie Latto, and Ewan Dunn, an individual with Autism who works at the Café, spoke as well.

Commenting, Ms Campbell said:

“I was delighted to officially re-open the excellent Kudos Cafe in Carluke today and to support the wonderful work being done by everyone at Scottish Autism.

“Kudos has become a staple part of the Carluke town and is well respected and liked. The staff and volunteers do a fantastic job, and their work helps go a long way towards ending much of the stigma attached to Autism.

“Having been open for 12 years, it is encouraging to see the continued support for the café. Well done to all the staff and volunteers involved in the refurbishment and best wishes for the years to come!”



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